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Linkedin Employees get a Week’s Vacation



Linkedin employees get a week's vacation

Next week only a core workforce will be running LinkedIn. The rest is on paid vacation. The advantages are already evident in the e-mail inbox.

The career network Linkedin sends its employees on vacation for a week. Almost all of the 15,900 employees have next week off to recover from more than a year of working from home due to the pandemic and to prevent burnout.

Only a core workforce is supposed to keep LinkedIn running during this time. However, these employees are also to receive an additional week of paid vacation later. “There’s something magical about the whole company taking a break at the same time,” said Linkedin when asked by the AFP news agency.

The idea came to the company after Christmas. The company was closed for a week and the workforce was energized afterwards, said Teuila Hanson of Linkedin to CNN.

Another really nice thing about a company closure is that after your vacation you are not confronted with a flood of e-mails and meeting minutes that you have to rework, explained Hanson. So the vacation still has a little effect.

The home office even if the pandemic is over
Like many tech companies from the USA, LinkedIn had sent its employees to work from home at the beginning of the corona pandemic. In September, Linkedin expects its employees to be back in the office, but they should still be able to do half of their working hours at home.

Twitter and Spotify had already given their employees the option of working at home permanently even after the pandemic. The telecommunications company Sipgate is experimenting with a six-hour day, which should also relieve the employees.

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