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Is Xbox free for Party Chat and Multiplayer Games now?



Is Xbox free for Party Chat and Multiplayer Games now?

Is Xbox free for Party Chat and Multiplayer Games?

Xbox testers can now access multiplayer free-to-play games like Fortnite, without needing an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

When will it be free to Play Multiplayer Games and Party Chat?

Microsoft is announcing today that Xbox Party Chat will be free for Xbox owners soon.

How many Games will Free to play on Xbox?

It’s not clear exactly how many games will be compatible with this change, but there are plenty of high-profile free-to-play titles on Xbox like Apex Legends and Destiny 2 that will benefit from this.

The software maker has started testing a new Xbox dashboard update with testers today that unlocks Xbox Party Chat, multiplayer in free-to-play games, and the Looking For Groups (LFG) feature.

Xbox Party Chat is a surprise addition to Microsoft’s announced plans to remove the paywall for free-to-play multiplayer games. The removal came after Microsoft was forced to reverse a price hike to its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions earlier this year. Microsoft is also renaming its Xbox Live service to just Xbox network, which is part of dashboard changes the company is currently testing.

The news was revealed by Xbox Preview Program developer Brad Rossetti on Twitter. “Multiplayer in Free-to-play games, Looking 4 Groups and Party Chat on Xbox no longer requires an Xbox Live Gold membership,” Rossetti said.

The news arrives as Xbox has renamed Xbox Live to Xbox Network to “distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships.” In other Microsoft news, the company is reportedly in talks to purchase Discord for over $10 Billion.

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