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Another ten years at Apple? Probably not”



Another ten years at Apple? Probably not"

Electric cars, e-voting and retirement: Tim Cook has been managing Apple as CEO for almost ten years. Now the 60-year-old has expressed himself on various topics in a large interview with the New York Times.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, spoke to the New York Times.

Tim Cook (60) is the boss of one of the most valuable companies in the world: Apple has made billions with iPhones in recent years. Apple CEO has now commented on topics in a podcast in the “New York Times”.

The approximately 35-minute conversation is about privacy, data protection, e-voting and also about Cook’s retirement. This is his answer to the question of whether he will still be CEO of Apple in ten years’ time: “Well probably not”. In the same breath, however, he also mentions that he feels “great at the moment” and that no date for his retirement is in sight. He doesn’t know what he will do after Apple. I have no idea because I love this company so much that I can hardly imagine a life without it.

Vote with iPhones

One of the topics discussed was the US elections. “The right to vote is fundamental to democracy,” says Cook. He thinks the process must be simplified to such an extent that the turnout increases to over 90%. The technology could make this possible.
The journalist Kara Swisher, who conducted the interview with Cook, asked: “If you introduce technology for elections that are already fraught with allegations of fraud, isn’t that a problem?” Cook replied, “I’m not sure. I dream of elections on smartphones. We are already doing e-banking with the devices today and have our health data on them. So why not? “

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Flimsy arguments

In the interview, Cook also commented on the privacy of its users and data protection. Specifically, it was also about a new function that Apple introduced. This can be used to prevent the advertising providers from tracking. After its introduction in early 2021, Apple received praise from privacy advocates and scolding from the advertising industry and also from Facebook. They fear the losses of millions.
Cook said: “We know these are flimsy arguments. I think you can advertise and make money from digital advertising without tracking people if they don’t know they are being followed. ” In answer to another question, he adds: “It’s not about privacy being a brand attribute, to be honest. For us, privacy is a fundamental human right. “

Is Apple gonna make its own Apple Car?

Cook was also approached about the rumours that Apple is working on an electric vehicle. “I will not comment on it,” he says curtly. At the same time, Cook also reveals that he has never spoken to Elon Musk, the head of Tesla. Cook believes in a future with self-driving cars: “Autonomy is a core technology. We’ll see what Apple is doing there. We research so many things internally. Many of them will never see the light of day. “

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